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Energy Overlays, Melbourne. Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry, LAGI 2018

"When people come together with passion around the goal of creating a better world for themselves and for their children, there is no limit to what we can accomplish." About Land Art Generator Initiative, Melbourne 2018, see LAGI.


Urban Acupuncture, Jaime Lerner, 2003

"Creo que algunas “magias” de medicina pueden, o deben, ser aplicadas a las ciudades, porque muchas de estas están enfermas, algunas casi en estado terminal."


Where’s the “eco” in ecomodernism? Aaron Vansintjan

"Being an ecologist today certainly doesn’t mean refusing to improve humanity’s lot, but it also means having a real conversation about the limits we face. And if an alternative system is to be at all ecological, it would mean democratically weighing the costs and benefits of different technologies: which ones we want, and which ones we don’t. That’s not anti-modern, that’s a basic requirement for a better world."


Miguel Lawner. Interview on Radio Universidad de Santiago. August 21, 2018

"To my mind, the city represents the most noble institution in the history of humanity." On the topic of Barrio Matta-Portugal.


Thomas Fisher. "In the Scheme of Things: Alternative Thinking on the Practice of Architecture". 2000

“To remain silent about the values represented in what we do, either out of mistaken belief that professionals must remain ethically neutral or out of a romantic dismissal of all normative values, is to eliminate one of the main reasons for the profession’s very existence.”


The Architects for Peace Team (July 2014)

Unfortunately these days we cannot share with you some amazing architectural photographs. Our hearts are somewhere else, with the Palestinian people who are being massacred by terrorists, their cities and livelihood destroyed beyond recognition.


Planetary Collective

"We have to start acting as one specie, as one destiny. We are not going to survive if we don't do that."
The documentary here